Getting a Corner on Excellence

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"I worked with career coach Constance Konold in the spring of 2013 on a long-distance basis after finishing my master's degree. She helped me completely rework my CV, transforming it from a student formula document to a sales tool that represents me and my years of professional experience in the best light possible. I learned how to tailor both my CV and my cover letters to specific searches. Further, thanks to her well-played strategy and persistence - not taking no for an answer - I managed to bypass the usual HR recruitment barriers to then be interviewed by several vice presidents in exactly the company and for the specific job I had targeted. After only two weeks of being coached by Constance, I had landed my dream job at the head office of an international company and am now enrolled in the company's exclusive management training program."

Elsa Frade, Geneva, 2013


"J'ai sollicité les services de Constance lorsque nous avons décidé, mon mari et moi, de nous expatrier à Londres en 2012. Nous avons travaillé, avec Constance, sur une réorientation / développement de carrière, avec une forte orientation interculturelle. Elle m'a soutenu pour l'obtention d'un emploi de transition à Londres. Durant ce parcours de coaching, elle a su m'apporter le recul et l'enthousiasme nécessaire. Ses connaissances interculturelles, ses outils et ses méthodes m'ont aidés et m'aident encore à aborder sereinement ce changement de vie."

Kat-Lyn, Expatriée à Londres, 2012


"(Constance) was AMAZING! I learned a lot of new things (NLP and personal branding) and she really got me boosted up on making my business a success."

Angela C., "Message" conference 2007, Paris


"Certains cours (à Eshotel, dans le programme "majeure" à Londres) sont extrêmement intéressants. Constance Konold, qui enseigne les RH et la communication, est tout simplement formidable."

Gaëlle Kurtz, Eshotel Majeure Londres 2006-2007


"Constance is very professional. She delivers a structured course but made necessary modifications to best meet my needs. She provides timely followup and assisted really in helping me tap into my inner wisdom. Where possible she has provided very useful leads."

R. Hanspal, Paris, 2007


"I am proud to be a student of yours… Thank you for your attention and caring nature, always encouraging me… I'm glad to have a professor like you who can coach and guide me, maybe through my entire life."

A. Negi, Eshotel Masters, Paris, 2007


"Constance, I really feel lucky to have a teacher like you. Your suggestions helped me to make my career decision and also encouraged me a lot. Thank you again. I hope someday I will be a powerful woman like you."

Yizhe Liu, Eshotel Majeure London 2006-2007


"Constance, on both a personal and professional level, is a very caring, non-judgemental, even-energied person. She posseses a wide and diverse range of skills. She helped me recraft my CV and one-page bio into a dynamic portrayal of my true self. I have learned to call one of my best strengths "weaving", thanks to her! After consulting with her, I am daring to try new techniques that are working for me to move forward in my business and private life."

Louise, Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist, 2006


"You are a solidly good coach, and you've shown that again and again throughout this course (NLP), often in subtle and discrete ways."

Edward Hines, NLP Trainer, 2006